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Shipping policy

All products and services sold through the app/website consist/of virtual goods and or online services, physical shipping is not involved in any phase of a purchase.

Because a Tutor Rskart


What is Rskart ?
Rskart is the world's only instant tutoring platform that connects students to subject topic experts in just 60 seconds. These are one-to-one interactive sessions which can be audio, video or can be taught on a whiteboard in the app. Loved by more than 10000+ students across and 20000+ tutors, Rskart is the largest community of tutors in the world.

How does it look like working with Rskart?

Why become a Rskart tutor?
Along with getting the joy of helping students, you will enjoy numerous benefits while teaching.


Decide your own timings. Take classes whenever you want, as long as you want.


Earn Instantly for every session you take.


Create impact in the lives of millions of students.

Global Experience

Teach students from all over the world.

Getting started is easy!
Things to know before starting

You must hold at least a graduate degree or similar qualification. Final year undergraduate students are considered in some cases.

You need to complete a simple verification process to verify your identity, qualification and teaching abilities.

You get paid for every minute you spend teaching students, so you can teach & earn as much as you want.

We ensure your privacy is intact and your personal information stays just with the organisation.

How to get started?
Step 1:

Download the Rskart App

Step 2:

Register with your number

And fill in your basic information

Step 3:

Get verified

You can get verified by completing a simple KYC process consisting of the following:

- A valid photo ID (Aadhar/ College ID)

- Your recent photo on the app

- Video-based KYC

- PAN card verification to get paid

Step 4:

Start taking sessions

Now you can teach when you want!

How does the Rskart tutor app work?
Get notified

As a Rskart tutor, you’ll receive notifications from students asking for help in understanding concepts and related questions from the topics you feel confident about.

See the question

You will be able to see the question beforehand so that you can decide whether you want to connect or not.

Get connected

If you choose to take a session, you will be connected to the student over an audio or video session clear
Start teaching

It generally takes 5-10 minutes to clear a concept, but you can take a session for as long as you feel necessary.

What makes a Rskart tutor?
Rskart is known for quality tutors, which is why we’re a little choosy when it comes to screening. Here’s what we expect from every Rskart tutor:

Students Studying
Efficient & clear

High-performing college
students or graduates

Culturally diverse
and multilingual

Committed to helping
students succeed

supportive & patient

Screened, aptitude
tested and trained

Experts across K-12
subject areas & topics

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